Doofus in the Lion’s Den

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We do not know why she did this.

This past weekend at the Bronx Zoo, some kook climbed into the lion enclosure and wobbled herself at a male lion, as if daring him to jump the ditch and eat her ( The NBC Nooze piece does not tell us how they got her out of there. Fortunately the lion didn’t seem to want to have much to do with her.

This reminds me of a story!

Coming home drunk, late at night, a husband decided he didn’t want to face his wife. Too beneered to see where he was going, he wound up at the local zoo, blundered into the lion cage, and fell asleep with his head pillowed on the lion.

Early the next morning his wife tracked him down and found him in the lion cage, just beginning to wake up.

“Come out of there, you coward!”

***    All right, so it wasn’t that funny. But it’s funnier than all the kooks we have on the loose, these days. No one at NBC seems to have asked anyone at the zoo what they thought the woman was trying to do. If the reporter went to journalism school, such a question would never have occurred to him.

11 comments on “Doofus in the Lion’s Den

  1. Probably one of those “people” who believe animals are much more important than humans. Just wanted to let the lion know that.

    1. If that idiot had gotten mauled, they would’ve shot the lion. Not fair!
      Anyway, trying to read her mind is wasted effort. She might not have one.

  2. I know it is not fair. The lion would have only done what it does in the wild and would have paid for it.

    1. I think my comment got lost somewhere.

      I was just speculating that maybe she just wanted to pet him. They can be cute and furry you know. And maybe he was lonesome.

  3. A man asks another man what he does for a living, and the man answers “I am a hacker.’ The first man says, “Give me an example.” And the hacker replies, “Using your life or mine?”

  4. I’ve seen this video a couple of times, now. Watching her movements, I suspect that there was some alcohol involved. Nonetheless, there wasn’t so much that she was unable to stand steadily, etc. so there was likely some terribly poor judgment, as well.

    As I best understand it, a lion can leap about 25 feet horizontally, which is to say that he could have closed the gap to her in a matter of a second or two, at the most. Had he decided to attack, she would have had little chance of escape. Remember what happened to Roy, of Siegfried & Roy, one bite and his career was over.

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