‘Where’s Daddy?’ (2012)

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Weirdos all

Did we ever find out what, exactly, “attachment parenting” is? The flip side of totally negligent parenting, maybe.

Where’s Daddy?

In the unnatural freak weirdo culture that The Smartest People In The World are building for us, there are no fathers, only sperm donors.

I wonder if I’m old enough to see a world with no men, no women.

But I don’t think God will let the servants of Satan unmake His creation.

2 comments on “‘Where’s Daddy?’ (2012)

  1. “No dads–that’s great!

    Two dads–that’s even better! Hip-hip-hooray!”

    Among the African-American/Black population the single mom family is in the high 60%, and blacks abort their babies at a higher rate than other races. The other races are getting much worse as well. What kind of a culture is this?

    Jewish scholar Dennis Prager says the reason God is depicted as a male (Father) in the Bible is because males are the worst sinners and commit the most violence. They need a male model to give them rules.

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