Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm

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Well, we knew this would happen!

An Arizona couple went up to Spokane, Washington, this weekend to have their wedding, and got 40 inches of snow dumped on them.

We contacted Dr. Izod Fumfer of The Mickey Mouse Climbit Change Institute, who proceeded to enlighten us.

“This is only the first of what will surely be hundreds and hundreds of Global Warming snowstorms,” he explained. “That’s when the whaddayacallit gets so warm, it just has to snow!

“But look at all them people in the picture! Do they look cold to you? Of course not! Global Warming snow is not cold! But they’re lucky they didn’t all get buried alive! You’ll see that happen when the next Global Warming snowstorm throws 80 inches at us!”

The only protection from devastating Global Warming blizzards, said Dr. Fumfer, is an 85% middle class tax rate and a “virtually instantaneous” doubling of the size of government.

“Free college tuition for everyone in the world would also help,” he added.

12 comments on “Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm

  1. I remember back in the 80s it was all about acid rain, holes in the ozone and saving in trees. Funny how you don’t hear about those things anymore. They moved on to global warming, and then climate change.

  2. Yeah, amazing how stupid we are. If we didn’t have these brilliant ones to smarten us up.

  3. This morning on the News it was reporting that the scientists at NASA have concluded that Climate Change is not being created by man but it is the result of solar activity. And Who controls solar activity? God the Creator, of course.

  4. Two things, no three: 1) No real temperature rising in decades past, and actual cooling for the past several years, 2) The data required is not available (You would need very accurate thermometers under the ocean, on lands, in the sky, and compensate for man-made changes as city building and stuff, Millions of them.), and the study would require a millenium to be accurate. None of this is happening, and 3) There’s nothing to say a little warming, which isn’t happening (We researched, based on available data.) is harmful to the Earth. With warming comes more plants, and plant give off oxygen, The world incredibly balances everything out. It’s interesting to dialogue and share understandings. Thanks for all inputs.

  5. We predicted all these ideas, over a decade ago. About a decade ago, I told my friend they would one day claim spacial pollution, then Sandra Bullock starred in a movie about space debris flowing everywhere up there, like a sewage system. Do they explain that rockets to the moon and satellites don’t deal with space debris? Learning to think for one’s self and have educated discussions.

    1. I think that CO2 as a threat works perfectly because it’s part of virtually every activity on earth. It hasn’t destroyed the earth yet, but that won’t stop them from destroying civilization in order to stop this imaginary problem.

    2. True. And that’s the heart of many people in power where they can have influence. But then, the question also becomes why they are this way?

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