‘Osteen’s Blather Factory’ (2014)

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Would you buy a used car from this man? Really?

I wonder what God thinks of so-called preachers telling idiotic fish-stories in His name.

Osteen’s Blather Factory

False prophets have always been with us. You can find them in the Old Testament and in the New, and today on TV and in the social media. They thrive on Biblical ignorance and illiteracy.

But how Osteen gets away with the tall tales that he tells–oh, horrors, I don’t think I want to know.

4 comments on “‘Osteen’s Blather Factory’ (2014)

  1. Sickening. This is not Christianity by any means. Would hate to be in their shoes on the Judgement Day.

  2. Where’s a good Fact Checker when you need one? Osteen has always given me the creeps.

    This morning as I readied to sub teach, on the News was a clip about one of those giant roller coasters. A woman who rode it all the time and an older man that had never ridden it were hooked up to technology that tracked their heartbeat rate. During the ride the man’s heart beat went up over 136 beats a second whereas the woman’s stayed pretty much the same. FYI.

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