My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 3 (‘Impeach the Pope’)

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“Hello! I can whistle Dixie backwards!”

I’ll never know how we went from Pope Benedict to this off-the-wall socialist, Francis I. Being an extreme globalist only adds to his charm.

Impeach the Pope

If he thinks the other globalists have any plans to let Christianity survive, other than in a warped, inside-out, totally phony state, he’s got one more screw loose than I thought.

In the Middle Ages it was fashionable, in some circles, to believe in “One Pope and one Emperor for all mankind.” I guess this guy’s trying to bring it back.

The only one whose right it is to rule is Jesus Christ.

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  1. Lee, you say of the teachers’ unions who are “licking their lips” over the proposed global education pact, “Hint to pope: these are not the Church’s friends.” Well, here’s another hint: neither is this Pope. You have no idea how many faithful Catholics are tearing their hair out (figuratively speaking) about this Church-wrecking pope.

    And as for the question about how this Peronist, anti-Catholic man became Pope, there have been some interesting studies done about his backgrounds and connections — some of the studies bordering on off-the-wall conspiracy theory, but others fairly well grounded. Look up the St. Gallens group and also the history of Peronism in Argentina.

    We, as Catholics, must believe that God will rescue and restore us. There’s even an old Catholic joke that one of the signs of the divine origin of the Church is that she’s survived her clergy. But we never thought we’d have to live through these terrible times.

    1. Corrupt central government + corrupt favored unions + corrupt favored business magnates = Peronism. Its closest relative, politically, is Obamaism.
      I wish I could discuss this with my Aunt Betty, who was a nun for most of her life, a very wise woman and a scholar. She passed on while Benedict was still in office.

      We Protestants don’t have a pope, but we do have a multitude of corrupt and halfway-there-to-pagan churches and denominations.

  2. Today’s Pope thinks all you have to be is sincere and God will let you into Heaven. Francis will have to answer for his life the same as each of us will have to when our expiration date arrives.

    I was given Lupron as part of my prostate cancer treatment.

  3. I’ve noticed that all sorts of religious organizations seem to be in upheaval. However, non-denominational Christianity is flourishing. IOW, people are voting with their feet.

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