Bible Contradiction? Who owns the earth?

I think it only fair to ask the producers of the Skeptic Annotated Bible, “So what do you guys have to offer, then?” Expect really silly answers.

Meanwhile we thank our friend, SlimJim, for answering the self-proclaimed “skeptics'” objections to the Bible.

I wonder how “skeptical” they are about socialism, Climate Change, etc.   –LD

7 comments on “Bible Contradiction? Who owns the earth?

  1. To use an analogy, they way I see it God is like the landlord of the earth, he owns it but has leased it out to us to have domination over it for a specific period of time. But when Adam fell he allowed Satan to become a squatter. He has leased it out to us for 6000 years or so after which time he will take back full control, kick Satan out, then set up his kingdom.

  2. Ultimately, everything belongs to the Creator. If our God were to give us something, that would be valid because as Creator, it is His to give. It’s all relative. Possession of anything is meaningless without God’s authority.

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