Byron Presents: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 18

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(Chomp, chomp…) G’day, mates! Sorry for the delay: couldn’t talk with my mouth full. Byron the Quokka here, with good manners–and Question No. 18 in our Bell Mountain Trivia Contest. Eighteen! Only three left before we have a winner.

Ready? Here it is?

Who denounced the Thunder King and declared God’s judgment on him–in the Thunder King’s own golden hall, in front of all his mardars?

We still have one reader who’s gotten every question right so far, hasn’t missed one of them. I wonder if that person lives with quokkas. We have that effect on humans.

The winner gets an autographed book and the admiration of all the other readers. You can even hold out for the next book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, if you can wait till sometime next year.

P.S.–Don’t forget the BIG comment contest! Only 344 to go, to reach 50,000! Who will win the official Quokka T-shirt? Crikey, gotta catch my breath! Excitement’s almost too much for me.

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  1. Yup, I second the motion…it was Chillith. One of your best scenes indeed, contrasting Reesh’s cowardly compromise with Chillith’s valor for the truth.

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