Now I’ve Seen Everything (Cats & Birds)

Another little peek at what the restored Creation will look like, when the Creator is finished with it.

Cat napping with one, two,three… four parakeets.

A crow patiently feeding a cat and a dog, morsel by morsel. I know crows are smart, but holy moly–!

And a cockatiel guarding a sleeping cat.

6 comments on “Now I’ve Seen Everything (Cats & Birds)

  1. Wow, this really is amazing. As you say, we are getting a little preview of
    what the coming millennium will be. What a beautiful paradise.

    1. The one thing I wish I had for this blog, which I can’t get, is a picture of my iguana cuddling with my housemates’ dog and cat. Lisa Beth, you should’ve seen ’em. The Peaceable Kingdom personified.

  2. The cats are so gently with the birds. The parakeet with the cats on the table is meowing at them.

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