Cat and Duckling: Inseparable

Domestication changes animals. Well, some of them. Who’d ever think a cat would want to take care of a duckling? It’s obvious these two are quite fond of each other.

Pay no attention to the cockatoo who’s in training to become a can opener.

Cats with Funny Friends

Cats are supposed to eat birds. I’ve seen it done. But the cats in this video sleep with birds, groom them, play with them–and one cat gets fed a morsel at a time by an enterprising crow… who also feeds the dog.

Wait a minute. I’m starting to sound like Allen Funt here. Oh, no…..! [Briefly turns into Allen Funt]

Bird Teaches Cat School

I admit it’s a confusing headline, but that’s what this video looks like to me. The cockatoo has learned how to meow, and he’s got these three cats hanging on his every word. It looks just like he’s teaching them. And for all we know, maybe he is.

Cats & Birds: Duel in the Desert

How do these birds know the cats won’t hurt them? I’ve seen plenty of neighborhood cats catch birds, and it doesn’t end well for the bird. But nothing like that happens in any of these videos. Birds climb around on cats and walk after them and nibble their ears… and the cats don’t eat them.

Domestication! These aren’t wild creatures anymore: they live with us.

Now if we could only domesticate people, we’d have something there.

Another Cat, Another Bird

This is not the first video I’ve ever seen (or posted) of a cat and a parakeet playing together. The cat isn’t going to eat the parakeet and the bird knows it.

We’ve all seen cats catch birds, haven’t we? So how do a cat and a bird become friends? I always thought parakeets had a lot of personality; or maybe starlings just taste better.

Is This Bird Crazy?

I have seen cats catch and eat birds. It’s one of those things that’s supposed to happen in nature.

But here’s a cat who only wants to take a nap, in spite of the barking dog, the loud TV, and several birds offstage. All of this he overcomes. But he can’t overcome the crazy dove who wants to coo at him, nibble his ear, and poke him with her beak.

How does this bird know the cat won’t–well, eat her? He has opportunities to put the bird away, but doesn’t do it.

“Biological machines hard-wired to behave in certain stereotypical ways”–Fap!

What’s This Bird’s Game?

Out there in the real world, cats catch birds and eat them. We’ve all seen it done, haven’t we?

So why does this cardinal want to come into the house where the cat is? He winds the cat up pretty good, flies away–and then comes back. If the cat could somehow get past the glass in the window, the bird is history.

I’m gonna be a while, trying to figure out what’s going on here.

Bird vs. Cat-Nap

This strikes me as very strange. The cat is trying to take a nap; the bird is trying to get him up. Parrots or parakeets might do this–but a dove? Why is this dove so totally unafraid of this cat? Why doesn’t the cat harm the bird? Honk if you can explain what’s going on here.

Cats and Feathered Friends

That last video was very short, so here’s another one. Stay with it, and you’ll see something surprising–a cockatiel protecting a cat who’s having a nap.

The birds in these videos show absolutely no fear of the cats, so they must know, maybe from experience, that the cats won’t hurt them. They could, but they don’t. I call that intelligent animals successfully adapting to life in an environment designed by and for humans.

Trust me, they’re a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Now I’ve Seen Everything (Cats & Birds)

Another little peek at what the restored Creation will look like, when the Creator is finished with it.

Cat napping with one, two,three… four parakeets.

A crow patiently feeding a cat and a dog, morsel by morsel. I know crows are smart, but holy moly–!

And a cockatiel guarding a sleeping cat.