Counting Down (or Up?) to 50,000!

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Too much excitement for Cousin Romulus. Knocked him right out!

Look at that–just 188 comments to go to reach 50,000. The suspense is killing me!

Byron the Quokka here, mates, and here’s another look at the official and bona fide Quokka T-shirt that the winner will get for posting Comment No. 50,000.

Quokka T-Shirt | Funny Australian Quokka with Baby

All right, the blue shirt we wound up getting is darker than this, but the picture’s the same. We have a bright red shirt in Extra Large and a dark blue in Large.

Here on Rottnest Island, the excitement has reached a fever pitch. Practically every quokka here has got a pretzel in the pool (we don’t use money). No, I won’t tell you who I’ve picked to win. Let’s just say I have a lot of confidence in this reader.

A mere 188 comments to go! That should barely get us through the weekend, eh?


20 comments on “Counting Down (or Up?) to 50,000!

  1. That’s OK, Lee. No pink. But dark blue in Large is good. The red one in Extra Large would be too big. I’ll be waiting.

    1. Ok, it’s about the Holy Name of Jesus.

      I am of French Canadian descent. We had a large family (6 children) and our parents used to speak to each other in French. I think it was one way for them to have a private conversation despite the crowd.

      I don’t speak a lot of French but I do know a few words.

      One phrase is “je suis.” It means “I am.” It always struck me that “je suis” is extremely close to “Jesus.”

      I think about it and wonder if anyone out there has seen anything like it in other languages.

  2. I WANT A TEE SHIRT. Good looking!! I also want to start a movement to have Trump elected a 3rd time because the” communists” have interfered and held him back from a lot of meaningful items which he could have probably accomplished with cooperation with the house and senate. However I realize this could open a door for communist leftists to attempt the same thing later on. Wish there was a plug at the bottom of the swamp (as in a bathtub) so it could be drained and we could get on with things that matter.

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