What Do They Want from Boys?

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(The content is disgusting enough without my illustrating it. Look at some baby chicks instead.)

Our esteemed colleague Marcia has made a thought-provoking point.

Talk about mixed messages! On one hand we have “educators” and other self-anointed change agents doing everything they can think of to emasculate boys, even to the point of feverishly encouraging them to “transition” into girls. And drugging them if they won’t sit quietly at their desks all day.

But on the other, you have best-selling novels about young women irresistibly drawn to younghandsomefabulouslyrich men, usually devoid of body hair, who subject them to physical abuse and humiliation… which somehow constitutes a “romance”.

So which is it, feminists? Door 1 or Door 2?

Y’know what? I don’t think they know! Their position has become too incoherent for even themselves to untangle.

But really, it’s the same thing behind both doors–culture-killing foolishness. Either one is toxic. Both are evil.

Kill the culture, though, and it’ll kill you back.

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  1. Well, there’s always been this kind of attraction in the “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” hero, as Lord Byron was once called. To a certain extent, the excitement has been not so much the violence itself as in the heroine’s ultimate ability to “tame the untamable” by the end of the story. Still, today it’s probably also a matter of theory battling experience. In theory, feminists want “sensitive” (i.e., emasculated) men, but in the natural order of things, men are supposed to be strong protectors — which the feminists sense on some subliminal level but can’t acknowledge consciously. They really despise the caricature they’ve created in the “sensitive” man, and their theory prevents them from accepting a traditional man, so they look for an equal and opposite caricature — as long as it’s a fictional one that doesn’t leave real bruises.

    Or maybe not. (Cop-out!) 🙂

  2. I like to look at the psychology and philosophy behind what they believe. They believe masculinity is toxic because men are inherently violent and start wars and such. Of course they have a very simplified and generalized view of what masculinity is. But they presuppose that women are somehow more virtuous and deserving than men. Women can be just as wicked as men (case in point Hillary Clinton), but because they are not as physically imposing as men they express it in more subtle ways. Abortion is a good example of this. 61 million defenseless babies killed since Woe vs Wade in the US alone, enough to rival the causalities of WW2. And 1.5 billion worldwide. By all accounts it is a genocide. If there is such a think as toxic masculinity there is such a thing as toxic femininity.

    In the end it’s not not about toxic masculinity or femininity. It’s that we all have a sin nature. Something the Left rejects. As such nothing they do will fix the problems they percieve, rather they are making them worse. They are screwing up an entire generation with these endless social experiments, and it will lead to destruction.

  3. Professional weight lifters shave all the hair off their bodies – seems like a contradiction. And then those women wight lifters – yuck. And letting males compete with females in sports leads to no sports for females anymore. Are we in an insane asylum yet?

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