Get Your Talking Witch Today!

Halloween Haunters Props & Decorations

Her eyes light up! She makes scary noises! She’ll freak out trick-or-treaters! You’ll have the coolest Halloween decoration on the block.

And best of all, she talks! Just press the magic button, and she’ll say the following:

“It’s my turn!”

“I beat him last time but the Russians stole the election!”

“I’ll get you, you deplorables! Ya-hah-hahaha!”

“Damn that Electoral College!”

“It takes a village!”

“It’s still my turn!”

See grown men flee in terror once they hear that voice! See the grass around her shrivel up and die.

The Super-DeLuxe model also reaches out and picks people’s pockets as they go past, but it’s illegal in Red states.

4 comments on “Get Your Talking Witch Today!

  1. I’ve seen something like this at Costco, who was croaking something like “Hmm… this soup needs a little more taste. Maybe it’s missing some eyeballs! Hey, you there! Perhaps you have some to spare?”

    I didn’t really like that.

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