Memory Lane: Odd Ogg

“Odd Ogg, Odd Ogg, half-turtle and half-frog…”

Sorry, but that’s all I can remember of the 1962 Ideal Toy commercial jingle that introduced this unusual toy, Odd Ogg. I was 13 then; if I’d been eight, nothing would’ve stopped me from getting this toy for Christmas.

Battery-powered, Ogg would sort of play catch with you. If you rolled a plastic ball right down the middle to him, he would come toward you. If you missed, he would back up and razz you.

Totally harmless! Hours of innocent fun! What could be more out of place in this evil age that we’re marooned in?

I’d love to try it–and I wonder what my cats would think of it.

But Odd Ogg sells on eBay now for $100 to $500… The cats will have to be content with cardboard boxes.

4 comments on “Memory Lane: Odd Ogg

  1. I’d never seen this one before, but then, there are a lot of things I have missed it seems. I don’t know about cats, but this dog would most certainly go nuts.

  2. Who knew those old toys we played with, then our parents through away because we became too old for them would be worth substantial money today. No telling how much my Superman & Batman comics would be worth!!

  3. That is one creepy looking toy… : ) I know I had my share of weird toys too though, especially during the 70s. I think half the stuff marketed to kids back then was made by somebody who was on something.

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