Cats & Toasters

Let’s be fair, and admit that there’s nothing in a cat’s natural gifts that prepare him or her to deal with toasters. A toaster is like a printer, only bread comes out instead of paper. It provides cats with an excellent excuse to show how far they can jump backwards.

I never knew I could jump backwards at all, until I had to.

9 comments on “Cats & Toasters

  1. Those cats have nothing on me. Any fast, unexpected noise or movement makes me jump. My problem is neuropathy- don’t know what their problem is.

  2. Okay, this has nothing to do with cats or toasters, but I have a Bell Mountain trivia question for you!

    Every time I come across Tughrul Lomak, I conflate him with Tars Tarkas from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series. Is there anything to this association, and, to what extent do you think the ERB novels have influenced you as you write Bell Mountain?

  3. Here is a suggestion for a worship song for tomorrow. As The Deer Panteth for the Water. There are some on youtube with beautiful pictures.

  4. About the third of forth one went straight up in the air. I keep saying, cats can fly, but they are careful not to do so when anyone can see. A shock, like toast springing out of the toaster, can cause them to forget that someone is watching. 🙂

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