The Dems’ Red-Hot Game Show

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I’ve just learned that tonight there’ll be another installment of the great new game show, “Who Can Give Away the Most Free Stuff?”, and I am eagerly looking forward to not watching it.

Free Medicare for all! College tuition! School lunch! Free, free, free!

The winner gets a four-year vacation in the White House and a lifetime of ever-increasing fabulous wealth, paid for by the American people. In fact, it’s just about certain that the winner will never again, for the rest of his or her or xer life, ever have to pay for anything at all.

Produced by the Democrat Party and Unspeakably Corrupt Productions, this show easily outdraws “Moesha” reruns and that other show about that fisherman who never catches anything.

5 comments on “The Dems’ Red-Hot Game Show

  1. Wow, I’m glad I will not be watching that mess. I haven’t watched one
    such show this year, and I will not break my record.

  2. First off, as usual, not American flags on display. Second off, no mention of Climate Change – I thought we were all going to be under water in 12 years? This is a clown show (not original) where Joe Biden is the biggest clown. Vegas is placing bets on when Sleepy Joe will drop out of the race.

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