‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2014)

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Are all of us invited?

Can anything possibly be less sincere than a bunch of rich-as-Croesus globalists, all of whom came there on private jets and limousines, gabbling about “income inequality”?

Ninnie Links ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Income Inequality’

Nah. Nothing can be as hypocritical as that. It’s the hands-down winner.

What? Does everybody in the world wind up with a mansion by the sea, a private jet, a stretch limo, and a Cayman Islands bank account? Give ’em all the power they want, and that’s our payoff?

Please don’t tell me they honestly expect anyone to believe them.

8 comments on “‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2014)

  1. So do all these people divide up their own monthly income equally among their chauffeurs, maids, butlers, pool boys, groundskeepers, etc.?

  2. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others have pledged they will give away all their fortune before they die. The problem is where they give their money. Look who George Soros gives his money to. Bill Gates gave Chromebooks to all school children with his approved curriculum to go along with them – red flags. The Bible says God gives the power to get wealth – so how come non-Christians seem to have it all? It is all a part of God’s drama of creation which culminates with the riches of the wicked being stored up for the righteous.

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