Christ’s Church: We’re Still Here

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This thought has been much on my mind lately.

The church of Jesus Christ–not a building, not a denomination, but the fellowship of all believers who call upon His name–well, we’re still here.

Look at what they’ve thrown at us in just the past quarter-century or so. Live birth abortion. “Transgender” (a delusion). “Gay marriage.” And they want to throw us in jail if we don’t “celebrate” it. And that’s just in the Western world. Elsewhere on the planet, they’re killing Christians.

They own the unelected government, the “free and independent” nooze media, the Democrat Party, lock, stock, and barrel, plus some sizeable chunks of the GOP, the public schools, the universities, Hollywood–and all of this, in all its power and wealth and influence, is brought to bear against the Church. Celebrity power. “Science.” All thrown at the Church.

And yet they can’t close the deal.

We’re still here.

Be faithful to Christ, and He will be faithful to us. As He has been, and will be.

It drives the bad guys crazy.

4 comments on “Christ’s Church: We’re Still Here

  1. Yes, Lee, the church is still here by God’s Grace! We who live in western countries are just beginning to experience what our brothers and sisters have been going through for some time now. Just yesterday the Lord popped a thought into my head as I left for work: remember your struggling brothers and sisters, pray for them everyday because the persecution is coming to us soon and in a bigger way than what we see now and we will need then the prayers of saints going up for us.

  2. One day we will be removed and they will realize it was us holding back the terror that will then be the world and they will also realize they bit off way more than they could chew.

  3. After being in Science classes today with 7th graders, I broke out in song on the drive home, “The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ Our Lord.” God’s purposes are being carried out. It is our part to take our hands off of our lives and let Him has His way. As Romans says, “Who are you, o man, to answer back to God?” PUSH- Pray Until Something Happens!

  4. This is so encouraging that you wrote this post: “We’re still here. Be faithful to Christ, and He will be faithful to us. As He has been, and will be.” To that I say AMEN!

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