My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 17 (‘Using Children as Political Props’)

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Suddenly adults of the liberal persuasion just can’t get enough of children telling them what to do.

Using Children as Political Props

It’s something for the whole world to be ashamed of.

Children should be seen and not heard.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 17 (‘Using Children as Political Props’)

  1. “This why we have public schools: to indoctrinate children to be good little democratic socialists.”

    When you think about it, all kids are basically socialist minded until they grow up. They have no understanding of economics. They are used to being provided for by their parents. They don’t have to work or pay for anything and think everything should be free. Turning them into democrats would be very easy. Is it no wonder they always go after the kids.

  2. Governor Newsom accepted his election victory holding his little boy in his arms – give me a break. This guy is as phony as they get. Last weekend Attorney General Bill Barr gave a speech at Notre Dame on religious freedom that every Christian should listen to. He blasted the secularist religion being dominant in public education and how Christian parents in good faith can no longer send their children to them. If only that was true because some 80% plus of “Christians” send their children to these secular religion centers.

  3. Children warm the hearts of most adults. Whenever I see kids just being themselves and having fun, I feel better about life in general. Children are a very special gift from God, but they are not our leaders, teachers or consciences. They lack experience and they lack perspective. Then tend to believe whatever they are told by an authority figure and are easily lead. Using children as political props is horrid. Of for no other reason than the fact that the child will have an inflated sense of importance.

    No matter how appealing a child can be when making the case for some cause, they do not understand what is really involved in making a living or in creating the goods and services we rely upon. I’m very nearly at what was once called “retirement age” and I’m still learning about just how complex the economy is. A child’s opinion is unlikely to even be aware that the things they enjoy are only there because of hard work, efficient transportation and a functioning economy. Sorry kids, but no matter what you say, I need to do my job every day, and hope to for the rest of my days.

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