‘The Limitations of the Human Mind’

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Let’s face it–we’re not as smart as we think we are.

The Limitations of the Human Mind

When you take a closer look at, say, the mistake that made you lose a chess game, you marvel at its sheer stupidity. Of course you knew better than to make that stupid move! And you can list the reasons why. Ah, but you made it anyway.

Now imagine you’re directing foreign policy or micro-managing the course of human evolution, blah-blah, and you make a stupid mistake that costs billions of dollars and starts a war…

It happens all the time. We call it history.

2 comments on “‘The Limitations of the Human Mind’

  1. Our minds are vastly more powerful than even a super computer, but we have one significant limitation; fatigue. If we are processing too much information, we can, and will, become fatigued and require refractive time. I’m not thinking of the fatigue we feel at the end of a stressful day, but something much more subtle and immediate.

    If you were to try adding up a column of numbers, there would come a point where you simply could not process any more input. Your short-term memory is saturated and you can’t take in anything else. This happens to all of us, in more subtle ways, many times every day. It happened to me on Friday afternoon. I was working remotely and someone at the company sent me a text message about a problem he was experiencing with his phone. I was going through the console controlling the phone system while he was texting me. The exchange was rapid and eventually I had to stop and take a step back. I had been taking in too much information all at once and had to give my mind time to process and sort it all out. Less than a minute later, everything was fine and I was able to make progress again. Had I tried to continue without a refractory interval, I would have started making mistakes.

    Now, on to policy. The problem here is that we cannot think far enough ahead to imagine the long-term ramifications of a policy decision something that seems like a great idea can have unexpected consequences and quite possibly be counterproductive. We need a mind without the flesh and blood limitations we experience. we need God’s mind and even He sees fit to operate mostly in general principles which allow His people to make good choices which fit their circumstances. We need the Kingdom of God.

  2. Individually we are not as smart as we think, but collectively the mind of man is limitless. And since there is no Infinite-Personal Creator, it is up to man to play the role of God of the Earth. And this, my friends, is Socialism/Communism. And the Socialist running for President are advocating taking away the church’s tax-exempt status if it doesn’t line up with the current PC. This is war – too bad so many Christians do not see it that way. Onward Christian soldiers!!

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