Byron: ‘Now What?’

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G’day! Or is it? The big 50,000-comment contest is over, tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of the Bell Mountain trivia contest…and then what?

Byron the Quokka here–and then, I guess, the Quokka’s occupation’s gone. Shakespeare used to say that. He was a quokka at heart.

Oh! And look at this! We’ve got a Quokka T-shirt left over from the milestone comment contest. See the source image

The one we’ve got is bright red, not pink, but we couldn’t find a picture of a red one, and it’s Extra Large, so you can use it as a nightie or a pup tent.

The thing is, we haven’t got a contest you can win it in. Lee says I can stay here if I can think up another contest. He doesn’t want to run afoul of the law that says you can’t have a quokka as a pet–but who’s a pet? We’re mates and business partners.

So I’ve got to think of another contest, with the red Quokka T-shirt, Extra Large, as the prize. Something fun for readers, something that a lot of readers will play… Yipes, it’s not as easy as it looks. Let me sleep on it.

(Him up there, that’s me sleeping.)

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