Chicago Teachers Still on Strike

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union and SEIU Local 73 march through the Loop after a rally, three days before the unions could walk off the job on strike, Monday afternoon, Oct. 14, 2019.

When they’re not junketing down to Venezuela to praise the Maduro dictatorship, when they’re not feverishly pushing socialism and “transgender” in their classrooms, the Chicago Teachers Union is on strike–which is where they’ve been now for the better part of a week (

Is there any doubt that these “teachers” are communists? Red banner with clenched fist–that ought to tell you something, eh?

Communists who want more money.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, trying to resolve the labor dispute, revealed her total cluelessness when she spoke of how kids “won’t be in classrooms with teachers who hold the keys to their success.” Did I hear that right?

Democrat presidential wannabes are flocking to the support of the striking communists. Bernie Sanders was first on the scene. Now Elizabeth Warren says she’ll go, too–because the communist teachers, she says, are “fighting for the future of our students.” I’m surprised she wasn’t struck by lightning for telling such a lie.

But parents, this is a golden opportunity. Now is your chance to go on strike against these money-wasting awful schools! Do you realize that if you keep your kids out of those schools, there’ll be no more Chicago Teachers Union? Dictator Maduro will have to find some other American communists to lick his boots.

Hey! You pay all the bills–but you don’t get to decide who teaches in those schools and who doesn’t, or what gets taught and what doesn’t. All you do is pay! What kind of a sucker deal is that–huh? Homeschool! Christian school! And leave those jerks with their red banners out there to twist in the wind.


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  1. Yes indeed, I believe that these teachers should absolutely receive pay adjustments commensurate with how well they’ve already served “the future of our students,” i.e., how well their students have learned to read, write, speak, figure, and think. Let’s see … that would be how much of a pay cut for most of them?

  2. I have no idea how I got back. Last communication I had with Word Press was not at all encouraging, but as if by magic, the next time I went on here, everything was back to normal. Halleluyah!

  3. She was right on. Wonders never cease. I appreciate all the ones who did their best to help me.

  4. If only the largest denomination in America, the Southern Baptist Convention, would advocate for private & home schools. That would really make a dent in the communist’s “five year plan.”

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