A Contest to See What Kind of Contest?

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G’day, Byron here–with a bright red extra-large Quokka T-shirt that needs to be a prize in a contest on this blog, except we’ve run out of contests!

Quokka T-Shirt | Funny Australian Quokka with Baby

We still can’t get a picture of the red quokka shirt, which is just like this one only red.  Lee tried, but the picture came out so small, you couldn’t tell what it was.

Well, we need another contest, and I suggested, “How about a contest to decide what kind of contest we should have?” You should’ve seen the look he gave me! Like I’d just dumped a bucket of fish-water on his head.

“Maybe I’ll save it for the Christmas carol contest,” he says. At this point I judged it best to leave him alone.

4 comments on “A Contest to See What Kind of Contest?

  1. Smart little critter. You know more than a lot of people. Don’t overwhelm him right now is a good choice. Also give us all time to think and come up with something.

  2. I saw in my mind, Byron, you pouring a bucket of water on Lee’s head and it made me laugh and laugh. How about a poem about how cute you are? It would have to have so many words, etc.

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