*Sigh* Now It’s ‘Social Justice Math’

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We, the undefended taxpayers of America, lay out a fortune every year to fund our public schools (if you even want to call them schools). We pay for them, but we have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t, and no say in what’s taught. How did we ever get roped into a sucker deal like that?

Now the unionized left-wing “teachers” in Seattle’s public schools propose to bring in “social justice math,” based on their lunatic perception of “how technology and/or science have been and continues to be [Is there an English teacher in the house?] used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” (https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/10/seattle-public-schools-proposal-teach-social-justice-in-math-class/). It would be more respectful, and just as useful, to rake our money into a pile and burn it.

So getting the right answer to a math problem is Racist or Hateful or whatever–and we pay for these absurd “lessons” that will only serve to make kids stupid and encourage them to be brain-dead little leftids who never run out of things to whine about.

When do we get some pushback?

We pay for these schools. We ought to own them.

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  1. Here in South Africa it is called “decolonised” math, with science also a target. Because it was invented and developed by “dead white men”. It has been going on for a few years already. The insanity is escalating… It would be hilarious if the outfall of it wasn’t so devastating to civilisation. It seems that that may indeed be the purpose of it all.

  2. This is part of the effort – demonic in nature – to end the concept of objective reality. In other words, we abandon our intellect and rationality in return for the acceptance of a perverted culture. It is based upon Post Modernism. Google Canadian academic Jordan Peterson and you will learn why insanity is the order of the day.

    1. R.J. Rushdoony, many years ago, accurately analyzed the whole idea of “revolution”–tear everything down so they can build whatever the hell they want.

  3. The only comforting thing in all this is knowing their time will come- they will finally be judged righteously, and the farce will end.

  4. Math problem: If legitimately elected Barack Obama made America feel good at nine on a scale of 1 – 10, and the illegitimately elected Donald Trump made America feel two on a scale of 1-10, how much better did Obama make America feel good than Trump?

  5. The Civil Rights changes in the sixties were emplaced so that people of all backgrounds would have access to the same opportunities and, ostensibly, not be pre-judged on the basis of race, creed or color. Fifty-five years later, the notion of equality doesn’t get much press anymore, but the idea now seems to be to oppose anyone whom rises above the lowest common denominator. This is a great way to undo civilization.

  6. *Sigh* SO glad my kids are going to a Christian school. This is ridiculous. We’re already behind other countries in terms of producing graduates who can handle higher level math. This attitude will just make it worse. The pushback better come fast. Who wants to fly in a plane, cross a bridge, or be inside a building made by people who think getting the math “right” is optional?

    1. Liberals think **you** should be in the plane, on that bridge, or in that building–so they can feel good about themselves, dontcha know. No price is too high for you to pay for their self righteousness.

    2. Very true! It’s always rather amusing to watch when such people endure the sudden shock of being victim to their own beliefs and policies. And the craziest part is that doesn’t even change their minds half the time.

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