‘Racist’ Jack-o’-Lanterns?

Bed, Bath & Beyond in Nyack, NY, got into major hot water with the Whining Minorities this week when it had on sale black-painted pumpkins for use as Halloween decorations. The national chain didn’t want to “offend” or “exclude” anyone–in this case, does that word “exclude” actually have any meaning, or is it just noise?–so they pulled the black jack-o’-lanterns from all their shelves, after receiving “many” complaints.

Meanwhile Justin Trudeau, who really does do blackface, has been narrowly re-elected premier (or whatever) of Canada. Maybe they should’ve been whining about him instead of the pumpkins.

But today everything and anything is Racist and everybody has to jump whenever any member of any Cherished Minority Group so much as snivels. Some people are just never happy unless they can feel offended.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what, if anything, these professional bellyachers have to offer? Just askin’.

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  1. If these people would work half as hard to find something constructive as they do to search for grievances, the world would surge forward with a fresh, new productiveness. So much time and effort is wasted looking for asinine grievances to whine about.

    1. There’s nobody more racist than some liberal who thinks X-minority can’t do anything himself but has to have it done for him by Democrats.

    2. Absolutely true! We have the same problem here in Canada.

      Oh, I don’t know how much you folks are seeing about it in the US (probably more than we are seeing in the media, here in Canada), but after the results of our last election, Canada may soon be falling apart. Strong separatist movements in Western Canada have gotten a huge boost lately. A lot of people think this is new, with the sudden popularity of #wexit but it’s been around for years, with solid legal teams working the process over the past few years.

      Keep your ears and eyes open for a Republic of Western Canada happening in a few years.

    3. Ontario and Quebec. Those are the two provinces that have the population base to screw over the rest of Canada. Quebec has been threatening to separate for decades, but it’s more about extortion. They will never actually do it. Alberta, however, is very likely to follow through. Saskatchewan would soon follow, if not at the same time. Manitoba has some lefty hotspots in the city that might make it more difficult, and southwest BC/Vancouver Island are very Green/NDP oriented. The only hope for the Greater Vancouver area is that there are so many Chinese immigrants. They escaped socialism and tend to be more Conservative. More so after little Chinese girl was raped and murdered by one of Trudeau’s special imports – just months after his arrival in Canada, too!

      That’s pretty much how the Libs won in Ontario. Strategic placement of imports, and making sure they got the ability to vote fast tracked.

    4. I think it’s the climate. *L* It fosters languid thinking. And maybe some of that BC bud! LOL

      Seriously, though, it’s a very good question, and I really do think the temperate climate does have something to do with it. Most people elsewhere have to work a lot harder, so they can pay the bills to heat their homes and keep their cars running in frigid temperatures. That, and the climate attracts granola crunchy hippy types and pagans (but I repeat myself) who worship the earth. When I lived in Victoria, it was known as the witchcraft capital of Canada. Probably still is. If it weren’t for the naval base, it would be even more lefty.

    5. I’ve always said that those who cry about racism the loudest are usually the most racist of them all. How can you not when you see everything through the prism of race.

  2. Black face jack-o-lanterns? What an outrage! Everyone knows you can’t do black face anymore. Did they think black face pumpkins could chase away evil spirits better than orange ones can? And how about Princeton Seminary giving their black students $23 million in reparations, but now they want $124 million more? This racial thing is getting way out of control – I thought it was 2019, not 1819.

  3. These everything-is-racist racists don’t seem to understand that the ball and chain they swing at the rest of us is still attached to THEM!

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