Memory Lane: A Sunday at the Movies

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Here it is, Sunday, and raining cats and dogs. It reminds me of a certain Sunday way back when, when it was snowing like crazy instead of raining–and my father had promised to take us to the movies to see Journey to the Center of the Earth at the good old Forum Theater. After Sunday school and Sunday dinner, of course.

But when we got there, the line stretched literally around the block, no way we were getting in. My disappointment was inexpressible. But Daddy meant to keep his promise, so he took us back for the next showing and this time we got in.

Oh, boy–dinosaurs! Well, iguanas done up as Dimetrodons: but it was good enough for me. And Pat Boone merrily singing among the giant mushrooms…

As icing on the cake, it kept snowing and there was no school the next day. Somehow sledding down the hill at Tommy’s Pond had it all over sitting in class and trying to do math problems.

8 comments on “Memory Lane: A Sunday at the Movies

  1. I think I saw that movie years and years ago. My memory is so “bent” that I’m not sure if I saw it or only heard about it.

  2. I saw the original when it first came out. The movie was pretty good, as I remember, but there was an older kid in the audience that kept pointing out that the Dimetrodons were actually Iguanas wearing Halloween costumes. 🙂

    1. We once went to a Broadway play, “Crucifer of Blood,” a Sherlock Holmes mystery. You can be sure it cost a lot. During intermission, the doofus in the seat behind me, showing off for his date, said, “Well, I already read this: ________ did it!”

      I’m ashamed of myself, that I didn’t turn around and apply an attitude adjustment.

    2. Unfortunately, the law seems to protect such clods, but frankly, if you’d recontoured his nose it would have been nothing more than what he deserved.

  3. Saturday mornings we could see two movies for 25 cents. Didn’t have money for the popcorn and candy. The remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth starring Branden Fraser is very entertaining.

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