‘The Battlefield Ahead’

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Christian school–way more dangerous to the bad guys than it looks

In this Chalcedon editorial, Mark Rushdoony reminds us to keep our eye on the ball, as it were–the ball being the need to re-Christianize our society from the ground up, starting with ourselves and our families.


We need to win battles in the culture war, but we have to get out of having to fight all the battles on ground chosen by the enemy. Christian families, Christian schools, Christian neighborhoods and fellowships, and even Christianized workplaces–these are the kind of developments that are well within our scope to create.

And their creation will give the bad guys fits.

8 comments on “‘The Battlefield Ahead’

  1. Why not work on the top-down and the bottom-up at the same time? When the kings of Judah were righteous the people lived more righteously. When the apostles (especially Paul) spread the gospel at the bottom level righteousness eventually rose to the top. We need both works, but of course they are to be by the grace of God empowering them.

  2. I remember political commentator Bill Whittle talk about building parallel structures several years ago. The problem is the Left would not leave us alone. Something has to be done though.

  3. I see this trend, too. LOTS of homeschoolers in my area, and a few brick and mortar Christian schools as well. I am pleased with my kids’ online Christian school through Liberty U. Getting top notch academics, but also learning the bible and apologetics. By the time they graduate, they will be critical thinkers, able to hold their own in any debate. As public schools continue to spiral downward into left-controlled cesspools, I hope more Christian parents will take advantage of such options. Our kids, and our society, need them!

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