Cats & Rabbits

Welcome to the Peaceable Kingdom, where cats and rabbits play and cuddle with each other instead of all that survival of the fittest stuff. This went on in Eden, long ago. We are privileged and encouraged to see it still goes on today. Sometimes. Just enough to remind us of better things that the Lord will provide for all His creatures.

8 comments on “Cats & Rabbits

  1. That is quite a sight. We lost a lot when things went badly, in Eden. I feel particularly bad about the fact that animals have suffered because of mankind’s fall. Scenes like this restore our hope.

    1. Yes, Lisa, house rabbits are actually cleaner than cats. I’ve had them for pets for over 30 years. The only drawback is they have to be trained not to chew on your furniture, and there are tricks of the trade on how to do that. And it is best to bond bunnies so they won’t get lonely, and will have someone to clean besides themselves. Our last bunny lived over 12 years.

  2. Too precious for words. When Darwin talked about survival of the fittest he never defined what was meant by “the fittest.” What he was really saying was “survival of the survivors” which is pretty stupid.

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