‘Have We Hit Bottom Yet?’ (2016)

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With the threat of another Democrat presidency looming on the horizon, we do well to remember the boiling awfulness of President *Batteries Not Included’s eight years. Never in politics has so much servility been shown to anyone so unworthy of it.

Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

This comes about as close to sheer indescribability as anything ever will. This is a horror undreamed-of by our country’s founders.

I’m not sure this travesty was ever actually aired. It may have been yet another one of their “Take the money and run” deals.

Astounding, how wealthy you can get in public office!


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  1. When JFK was assassinated the country mourned and any negative talk about him was taboo. Now, over 50 years later everyone knows what a sexual degenerate he was while serving as President and what a wimp he was when it came to Khrushchev putting up the Berlin Wall. The same will happen to *Batteries Not Included. When Horowitz, Bill Barr, and John Durham finish their investigations into the Obama Administration’s corrupt practices, Barack’s name with be at about the same level as Richard Nixon’s.

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