Cats and Dogs in Costume

In this video you will not find any cat who looks even a little bit happy about being in a Halloween costume dreamed up for him by daft humans. This is not a thing that makes cats happy.

Some of the dogs, though, look like they really enjoy the opportunity to ham it up.

If nothing else, Halloween does make clear the line between cats and dogs. Here they couldn’t be more different.

3 comments on “Cats and Dogs in Costume

  1. I think cats consider clothing or covering of any kind as a restraint, and they hate that. It does not interest them to go this far in pleasing a human.
    They probably consider it beneath their dignity.

  2. Dogs seem to get into it. I think that they somewhat understand costumes and enjoy the attention. Cats, not so much.

    I did have a cat who was very happy to wear a dog jacket, but there’s more to the story. An old friend had a small dog that used to play with my cat. They were friends, of sorts. One day, the dog was wearing a jacket and, just for kicks, they took the jacket off the dog and put it on my cat. He was fine with it, but it might have been because he saw his canine friend wearing the jacket and understood the concept.

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