Critters with Cool

I don’t, as a rule, recommend letting your dog swim with black-tipped reef sharks. Someone off-camera was feeding those sharks. They may be only three or four feet long, but they do like the odd big toe when they can get it.

You will also see a naughty cat whose hobby is pushing things off the table. I would be very disappointed in my cats if they did that.

3 comments on “Critters with Cool

  1. That was interesting. The dog howling along with the piano seemed to fit in perfectly. Could probably make a decent living as a Blues artist. 🙂 The horseback drive through, no big news in the Southwest. I was wondering what was going to happen between the dachshund and the bird. I guess the bird could have flown away, had it felt threatened. As for cats knocking things to the ground; no bottle of Perrier is safe when my car is nearby. 🙂

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