You’re Invited (I Wish)

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I suppose I could cover more nooze today, but just now there’s something else I’d like to say.

I’m very fond of you, my readers. After all, some of you have been here for years. We’ve prayed together, listened to hymns and watched funny animal videos together, and swapped comments back and forth all day.

How I wish I had a nice back porch, so some of you could just drop in and we could settle down to a good natter on the porch, iced tea and marshmallow peeps provided by the management. But I don’t have a porch and most of you live far away, so I guess we’ll have to settle for the blog as is. We’ve created a very nice fellowship here: it makes me happy, and I hope it does the same for you.

Heck, we could even play Monopoly.

21 comments on “You’re Invited (I Wish)

  1. That sounds so inviting, I wish it could happen just as you say. However,
    we do enjoy one another’s’ company here, and we have the privilege of praying for one another which is great.

  2. One oddity of the Internet era is that we make friends in places faraway. It would be great to get together, but distances being what they are it can be difficult. I’m way out west, so is Erlene, and while we are both westerners, Erlene and I are hardly next door neighbors. I’m not sure where she lives in Idaho (IIRC) but it’s probably over 1,000 miles from here.

    In any event, I accept your virtual invitation to your virtual porch, Lee.

  3. Maybe with the new technologies like holograms we could all be together on the Duigan’s visual porch. Maybe even our pets could holographically appear with us. We could listen to Christian hymns and share with each other how we came to be saved and what it has meant to us.

    1. Well, that would be some 1,300 people, so I guess I couldn’t have everybody all at once. I had something a little more relaxing in mind!

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