Donald Trump’s Place in History

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President Donald Trump has become a key figure in our nation’s history–not so much for anything he’s done, but for what he is: a lightning rod. A focus for hate that can’t conceal itself.

Because of Donald Trump, we have learned for certain that a Deep State does indeed exist, with its own agenda, stealing the sovereignty of the American people, with its claws sunk into everything. To them, our votes in an election are an empty exercise: they, not us, are to rule America.

Because their rage against Trump has overcome their caution, and moved them to cast away the mask of sanity, we have now been able to see how deeply corrupted are so many of our public institutions, pursuing ends inimical to the American people’s interests. From global government to the propagation of transgenderism, we’ve now seen enough to make it impossible to deny we have a problem.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, as the elites desired, we would by now have lost all control over our country, all ownership of our republic. And most of us wouldn’t even know it. But Donald Trump’s presidency has brought all the madness out into the open.

What we’re up against is evil, dark, and fearsome.

May the Lord our God fight for us.

5 comments on “Donald Trump’s Place in History

    1. We’re the only ones talking about it, so far–but we’re on the right track. Honorary Political Science degree for you!

  1. I don’t think anyone else could have (a) fought back against the powers of Deep State corruption, or even (b) exposed them in the first place. God can use even flawed human beings as a catalyst to expose evil and rally good people to fight against it.

  2. I think they have overplayed their hand. They could have kept in the shadows but their hatred for Trump is exposing them to the light. Now what once was a conspiracy is now being openly admitted to. It’s amazing.

  3. Trump has been seen as a modern-day King Cyrus who allowed God’s people to return to their land. America belongs to Jesus Christ who entered a covenant with the original Puritan settlers who committed this land and their lives to the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God on the earth. This is the Great Commission Jesus gave to us before He ascended, and He will see to it that it is fulfilled. One of the most used sayings in the New Testament from the OT is: Ps 110:1 “The LORD says to my Lord: ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.'”

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