Celebrity Babble: Case # 3,766,984

Emma Watson 2013.jpg

So… Emma Watson, who played Harry’s friend Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, is not “single,” she says. Nope, not single at all. She’s… uh… “self partnered” (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3791682/posts). Yeesh.

I love me, I think I’m grand, when I go to the movies I hold my hand.

I put my arm around my waist; if I get fresh, I slap my face!

My mother used to sing that. Now we’ve got a celebrity living it. Is she allowed to marry herself?

Something about getting rich and famous–what could it be?–seems to make you dumber than ordinary people.

(Still at the vet’s office. *sigh*)


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  1. So she uses a made up term in place of a perfectly good word that already describes her status. Does that make her feel better about herself or something? If she keeps up she will end up a self-partnered cat lady.

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