‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

Governor's plan for Florence prison inmates surprises Arizona sheriffs

The Regime is always right!

Back in 2016 Democrats were excitedly talking about pitching people into jail for Climate Change Denial–failure to believe in Man-Made Global Warming.

Let’s Shut Everybody Up

Don’t go thinking they’ve changed! If they had a few more votes in Congress, they’d turn this into a clone of Commie China overnight.

Keep your eye on the nooze. They’ll never be content with only Cancel Culture. They want to push tyranny a lot farther than just keeping your comments off the Internet.

Am I a Seer, or What? (Ask Mr. Potato Head!)

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Have I got insight? Back in 2016, five years ago, I wrote a sprightly little satire about Mr. Potato Head being banned by presidential executive order–for reinforcing Hate against “gay families” (a total oxymoron) and trannies.

And this year Hasbro, the company that sells the toy, announced it was dropping the “Mr.” so children could create Potato Head families with “two dads.” See “Canceling Mr. Potato Head,” March 2, 2021.

Exec Order Bans… Mr. Potato-Head

Actually, it’s not much fun being right about schiff like this. Even silly little toys can’t escape having abominations heaped on them, these days. Our popular culture is very much in the abomination business.

Although I do like to think that canceling Mr. Potato Head just might possibly maybe could wind up canceling the cancel culture itself.

‘Moby-Dick, or The (What?) Whale’

Moby Dick by Herman Melville - Free at Loyal Books

Here’s another little chip knocked off our past: a small thing, but if the leftids keep on doing it, these small chips will add up into big ones and we’ll be cut off from our moorings and set adrift on a sea of ignorance.

When Herman Melville’s classic of American literature was published in 1851, its full title was Moby-Dick, or the White Whale. Nineteenth-century publishing was big on subtitles. But here, as you can see in the book cover reproduced above, they’ve changed the subtitle so it’s just or, The Whale.

Now I’m not going to re-read it with a score-sheet to keep track of all details added to or subtracted from the novel for the sake of political correctitude. The one change in the title itself is enough to make my point.

Melville used “the whiteness of the whale” to transform Moby-Dick into something more than an ordinary whale. This whale is different: it’s something that anyone with his head on straight will want to avoid. But Captain Ahab is obsessed with hunting it, and you know how that turned out. The narrator, Ishmael, quotes the Book of Job: “And I only am escaped to tell thee.” Moby-Dick has killed everybody else and sunk the whaling vessel.

So taking away the whiteness of the whale damages the novel–and why would they want to do that?

It’s another little bit of Cancel Culture, of course. What leftids want to do is cut us off from our past: cut us off from all thought but theirs. Like, human life never truly began until these culture commissars came along and invented everything we’re supposed to know from now on. Only what they want us to know. Only what they want us to think. Only what they want us to read.

Don’t ask me why we tolerate this; I don’t know.

We really must make them stop doing this to us.

Next on the Cancel Train: Pepe Le Pew

By Ken Levine: Pepe Le Pew

Oh, hell. I was going to save this for tomorrow; but maybe I wasn’t the only one who didn’t expect such a quick answer to “Who’s going to be the next target of Cancel Culture?”

It’s… Pepe Le Pew! (https://www.outkick.com/ny-times-which-once-said-pedophilia-not-a-crime-sets-sights-on-pepe-le-pew/)

*Sigh* Some schmendrick of a New York Times writer thinks the romantic silly skunk in the old Loony Tunes cartoons has been “normalizing rape culture”–actually, he acts kind of like Joe Biden–and he’s also Racist, somehow. “Racism must be exorcised from culture,” proclaims this NYT diddler.

The only fun liberals know how to have is spoiling other people’s fun.

Do you ever get the impression that they just want to cancel everything? Does anybody real actually want to live in their woke dystopia?

Let’s see how long this lasts.

Canceling Dr. Suess

Vintage Revell Dr. Suess Zoo Norval the Bashful Blinket Mode Toy

Last week it was Mr. Potato Head. Whose turn is it this week, to be cancelled?

Dr. Suess!

I have discovered that the only fun that wokies and liberals know how to have is to spoil other people’s fun. Your unhappiness is the only thing that makes them happy.

See, back in the 1940s, a few of Dr. Suess’ books had “images” in them that reflected racial stereotypes widely accepted at the time. But you’re not allowed to be the 1940s! History begins with the revolution, comrades! Before that, nothing! For anyone to see these pictures would be… “hurtful.”

Some observers–Steve Turley and Mark Simone, just to name two I heard yesterday–seem to think the Cancel Culture will ultimately cancel itself out of existence. Talk about a thing that we can do without!

But moving on–what will they cancel for us next week? Gotta keep goin’ or you lose momentum! Gotta keep canceling, even when all that’s left to cancel is each other.

The sooner they get around to that, the better.

One could almost forgive them, if they found a way to cancel the Democrats…

Tyranny without Government

Bank of America employees march in a “pride” parade. They’d better, if they want to keep their jobs.

There are many things that the Constitution doesn’t let the government do to us. So the great discovery in the 21st century is… the bad guys don’t need the government to bully you! Not when they can get Big Business and Big Tech to do it for them.

Take Mass Resistance, for instance–a pro-family organization dedicated to resisting the homosexual movement. According to the Constitution [break for sardonic laughter] we have a right to oppose political programs with which we disagree: so the government, unless they’re in a mood to get creative, can’t openly punish you for doing so.

But they don’t have to! Mass Resistance’s bank, after a nod from Organized Sodomy, shut down their credit card processing. No one allowed to do business unless they’re LGBT-approved! The lights almost went out for Mass Resistance before they found another bank that let them in.

But see, this is where we are in America today–crouching behind the shield of “It’s our private business!”, big corporations hop into bed with Far Left Crazy and create–trumpet fanfare, please!–the Cancel Culture! Government doesn’t need to ship you to the gulag: “private business” will shut you out of civil life. Somehow you can’t use that excuse to keep people out of your country club; but now you can use it to get them kicked out of their jobs.

And the government stands with its hands in its pockets, whistling “Barnacle Bill” while all its critics and dissidents are crushed by “private business.”

We’re losing our freedom almost faster than I can write about it.

All that stuff about how great it would be if we didn’t have to be “under God”–well, that was just a bunch of stuff, wasn’t it?


Have We Been Canceled?

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You know that feeling you get when you step into quicksand and it suddenly sucks you down? Well, all right, you probably don’t know that feeling.

For all of November and December, and the first half of this month, this blog was cruising along, setting records, vews galore–and these last three days, glug-glug-glug! And I really have to wonder if some creepy little person out there has found a way to flatten our tires. Can they do that?

There is no question that they want to do it. Let’s silence everybody who’s not the Far Left Crazy! Because COVID!

Sorry if I sound a little paranoid. It seems to be the temper of the times.

SF to Rename Lincoln High School (Because!)

Front, main entrance, Lincoln High School, SF 01.jpg

A country that loathes its own history is not long for this world.

The crazies and commies who run San Francisco’s school district have decided to rename 44 schools that were named for prominent persons in American history… because those names are now “inappropriate” (https://nypost.com/2020/10/16/san-francisco-may-change-inappropriate-names-of-44-city-schools/).

Abraham Lincoln High School will be renamed because–well, I don’t know! You’d think the president who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and freed the slaves, might be cut some slack. But no–Honest Abe wasn’t woke enough. Please don’t ask me to explain this; I am not a psychiatrist.

Also on the docket for erasure are George Washington, without whom we wouldn’t even have a country, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Edison because he used animals in some of his experiments. Senator Dianne Feinstein had a school named after her, but she’s probably headed for limbo because… in 1986… she “replaced a vandalized Confederate flag.” That cancel culture has a long memory!

This project is to cost $10 million–and probably much more than that: you know how these things go. The school board approved it without a public hearing–they had a suspicion that the public might not like it.

“I may not be able to read or write, but I graduated from Al Sharpton High School!”

We can hardly wait to see the new names. Who will be deemed worthy to have a San Fran school named after him or her? Actually, I can probably stand to wait a really long time for that.

And remember, boys ‘n’ girls! The Dominion voting machines say most of us voted for this schiff.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

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He turned it into a charity and they tried to destroy him

When 24-year-old Carson King turned a personal lucky streak into a nationwide charity, in partnership with Anhueser-Busch, a reporter for the Des Moines Register dug into his past and found some 10-year-old social media posts in which the then 14-year-old King was seen “quoting a non-politically correct comedian.”

The reporter, Aaron Calvin of the Des Moines Register, was all set to pounce; but King beat him to it by revealing his own “mistakes” in his past–and how about that, it’s the reporter who winds up face-down in the puddle (https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2019/11/05/fired-des-moines-register-reporter-bemoans-cancel-culture-canceled-blames-guy-tried-cancel/).

Instead of turning against King, the public turned on the Register and its reporter for trying to destroy someone who was helping others. The Register’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints. And then they found out that Mr. Calvin himself has some pretty “un-inclusive” tweets on Twitter, from years ago; and so, having failed to “cancel” Carson King, the reporter got “canceled” instead.

This is our brand-new shiny “cancel culture”–you chop somebody down by revealing punishable things he once said or wrote or thought. Once you put a comment anywhere on social media, someone’s bound to find it. They might even find it ten years later and use it to turn you into an un-person. To “cancel” you because ten years ago you said you saw an old Amos and Andy episode and liked it–or something equally blameworthy.

The thing Plutarch didn’t like about democracies was that whenever anyone in a democracy looked like achieving any kind of excellence, they chopped him down. He should see it now.

So boo-hoo, Aaron Calvin’s fired for some idle remarks he once made, years ago–not a dry eye in the house.

And “journalists” wonder why regular people detest them.