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Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this picture; but that’s what they had on, to sell this product. “Daddy’s Little Slut” t-shirt. Pure, undiluted culture rot.

Amazon has removed the shirt from its site, since the public found out about it and objected rather strenuously (

Now, I don’t have to convince anybody this was bad, do I? Well, maybe I do, or the shirt wouldn’t have been up there in the first place. What kind of moral imbecile produces or buys a thing like this?

We can’t keep doing things like this to our culture. If we do, we’ll kill it; and it will take us down with it. There is a reason we have no record of any civilization founded on total sexual anarchy. If such a thing ever existed at all, it didn’t last long enough to leave a record.

We didn’t get into this mess by following God’s Word.

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  1. This is just so unbelievably wrong and pathetic. What a testimony of our nation this is!
    The song, Since Jesus Came Into My Heart has been running through my mind this morning. If only all of us could relate.

  2. I’m glad Amazon took this tee shirt down. Yes, there are parents out there who would see this as “cute” and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. People don’t think of the long term effects of putting a child into one of these shirts or in anything similar. Parenting of today is getting more strange and it’s because God is not a part of their lives. My prayer is that God would draw these families to Himself through His Son, Jesus.

    1. Portraying children in any sexual manner is inexcusable. Children should be allowed their innocence and be free of the burdens of adulthood until they are adults. That shirt is sickening and anyone that would create such a thing strikes me as being the lowest form of reprobate.

    2. In the hilarious movie “What About Bob” they ruin it by Bob and the psychiatrist’s young son calling each other offensive names as a way of bonding and having fun.

  3. Unregenerate people do things like this to get attention with their warped sense of humor. Over the top tattoos and colored hairdos are in the same boat. My wife likes to wear T-shirts with saying on them, for instance: “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” We have a closet full of them, along with our Trump T-shirts.

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