‘Waiting for “the Righteous Candidate”‘ (2012)

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Granted, Mitt Romney was a lousy presidential candidate and he’s now a lousy senator. But in 2012 he was the only presidential candidate we had, if we didn’t want to re-elect *Batteries Not Included.

Waiting for ‘the Righteous Candidate’

People who had been my friends for years dropped me, cut me off, for saying that the only way to get rid of Obama was to elect Romney: sitting it out, or throwing away our votes on third-party fringe candidates, was certainly not going to work. But they were waiting for “the righteous candidate” to come along.

Well, there’s only one righteous lord whose right it is to rule; and He is a King by right, a King of kings and Lord of lords, and He doesn’t have to run for any office. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God; and until He establishes His throne on earth, over all the earth, we as citizens are stuck with just having to do the best we can.

Which in 2012 meant getting rid of Obama; and in 2020 will mean keeping any Democrat out of the White House. Donald Trump is not the issue. Keeping the Democrats’ hands from around our country’s throat–that’s the issue.

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  1. That is the game alright. The more I hear what politicians say, the more I think we need to completely wipe the slate clean and begin again, and see if anyone is capable and reasonable. Of course, I know that is not going to happen, but I thought I might as well say the dumb thing that is on my mind.

  2. Before we can expect any righteousness in politics or anything secular, we, the church have need to get our own act together; stop the compromising and get real, bold and ready to fight.

  3. Whenever I hear anyone talk about a politician as the only one who can save us — whether because he’s so good or because the alternative is so bad — I remember Psalm 146: “Put not your trust in princes or any son of man.”

    Yes, of course sometimes we have to choose the least bad. As Thomas Sowell always says, everything in this life is a tradeoff. But to rely on any human being as our savior is to court disillusionment. Only Christ is our Savior. And we press on toward our goal, clinging to Christ, keeping our eye on the prize.

    Hmm, isn’t there a hymn about keeping our eye on the prize? Can you post that hymn, please?

    1. Can you be a little more specific? Susan and I have been looking, and there are many hymns that use that phrase, “eyes on the prize”.

    2. Actually, I can’t think of any specific hymn. Just a phrase popped into my mind: “Keep your eye on the prize and hold on.” But when I went searching for it a few minutes ago on YouTube, all I found was the old civil rights era song — including one version by the Communist folksinger Pete Seeger! — which may or may not have been adapted from a hymn as so many songs were in that era. If you can’t find an actual hymn, that’s okay. I may have been mistaken. Anyway, my point was that we follow Christ, not men or political parties.

    3. Let me look again. There was a Bob Dylan song, “Keep your hand on the plow and hold on,” which phrase ultimately derives from something Jesus said. Let me see what else I can find.

    4. I do know what you mean. Donald Trump is not my savior–but he can function as a servant of the Savior. And he’s not Hillary Clinton. Voting to keep wannabe communist tyrants out of office seems to me entirely justifiable.

  4. I voted for Sarah Palin in 2008, and then for Mitt Romney in 2012 while holding my nose. And if Romney thinks he can win the Presidency after Trump finishes out his second term, he is delusional.

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