‘Waiting for “the Righteous Candidate”‘ (2012)

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Granted, Mitt Romney was a lousy presidential candidate and he’s now a lousy senator. But in 2012 he was the only presidential candidate we had, if we didn’t want to re-elect *Batteries Not Included.

Waiting for ‘the Righteous Candidate’

People who had been my friends for years dropped me, cut me off, for saying that the only way to get rid of Obama was to elect Romney: sitting it out, or throwing away our votes on third-party fringe candidates, was certainly not going to work. But they were waiting for “the righteous candidate” to come along.

Well, there’s only one righteous lord whose right it is to rule; and He is a King by right, a King of kings and Lord of lords, and He doesn’t have to run for any office. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God; and until He establishes His throne on earth, over all the earth, we as citizens are stuck with just having to do the best we can.

Which in 2012 meant getting rid of Obama; and in 2020 will mean keeping any Democrat out of the White House. Donald Trump is not the issue. Keeping the Democrats’ hands from around our country’s throat–that’s the issue.

Do We Deserve the Right to Vote?

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The following are altogether preposterous and illegitimate reasons–if you can call them reasons at all–for voting for a particular candidate for president: you know, that job where they give you the nuclear missile launch codes. Millions of people will use these criteria to guide their vote. It’s a civic responsibility that hardly anyone takes seriously. So here are some of the reasons they give for voting for a candidate.

She’s a woman.

He says he’s a woman.

He’s black.

She’s Hispanic.

He/she comes from my home state.

It’s time we had XYZ minority member in the White House.

It’s “her turn.”

He really wants it, and has been disappointed so many times…

I had a baby-sitter just like her when I was little, and she was really nice.

My favorite movie star says I should vote for this candidate.

I don’t care if he’s a serial killer with the mind of a tomato worm–I always vote Democrat.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…