Now It’s Denver: Turds on the Sidewalk

“When you’re alone and life is makin’ you lonely, you can always go–downtown!” Just remember to wear galoshes.

If you’ve been thinking it’s only San Francisco that does that thing with the human feces on the sidewalk, think again. Now it’s Denver, too (

A Denver businessman has been fined by the city for not cleaning up the feces outside his store: we suppose he can be thankful they’re on the outside, not the inside. He says it’s the city that’s not enforcing the law against taking a dump on a public sidewalk (and who ever dreamed we’d ever need such a law?), so why should he go out and provide unpaid public sanitation every day? A municipal judge will soon decide who’s got to do it.

We must ask: Can people literally not see what government by liberals does to the places they govern? Do they think what happened to Venezuela was an accident? Do they think it’s the natural order of things, to have to wear galoshes whenever you have to go downtown? Why in the world is the Democrat Party still in business?

Honk if you like what they’ve done to San Francisco and Denver and can hardly wait for them to do it to your city.

15 comments on “Now It’s Denver: Turds on the Sidewalk

  1. If you don’t pick up after your dog, you will probably be fined ESPECIALLY in a Muslim area! They poop on the sidewalk, but they don’t like dogs. Go figure.

  2. Never dreamed it could come to this. Not in Venezuela, not anywhere.
    Voice of the Martyrs writes of conditions in foreign countries where Christians are tortured, mistreated unbelievably, and murdered. The jailed ones are suffering with filth, rodents, insects, hunger, beatings— things I never thought I would even hear about, but now this, on our once beautiful city streets! If the Lord delays His return, I hate to think about it.

  3. Funny how this problem is happening only in bright blue cities. The very liberal Austin, Texas is also dealing with a homeless problem, and trash and needles everywhere. Luckily, we have a governor that told them to clean up their act.

    1. It comes down to having bad ideas, but they never learn from their bad ideas. They would be perfectly content if all of America was like Skid Row.

  4. Even conservative Nevada is letting downtown Las Vegas be available to the homeless. And Philadelphia is opening a free space for people to shoot up drugs. We are living in a bizarro world where progressive means regressive.

    1. The last time I was in Vegas, I was appalled by how rundown it had become. It’s pretty shabby, in spots, and it’s a prosperous place.

    2. With Denver, it’s personal. Denver is the only place I’ve ever thought of as home, but it’s gone straight to hell over the last 20 years. They’ve had some loony politicians in Denver and/or the Colorado State Government. Making recreational pot legal turned the place into a cruel imitation of its former self. I do t even visit anymore, and I’m serious when I say that it’s home to me. It’s home, but when I visit I find that home is no longer there, but it’s been replaced by something that looks like LA.

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