Barf Alert: ‘The Music Academy’

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

This is the most obnoxious commercial I’ve seen in years. Something about financial planning seems to inspire ad men to their very worst efforts.

Here we have the teenage daughter playing the cello but ohnotoobad, she can’t go to the music academy because it’s too expensive and they ain’t got a pot or a window–that’s why Mommmm drives that crummy old car that stalls all the time. But unbeknownst to Little Miss Cello, Mommm has gone to for her financial planning, and they’ve got it covered. We get to go to the dreadfully expensive music academy after all.

“I still have this car so you can afford to go,” Mommm explains. Heartstring time. They dive into each other’s arms.

Uh… where’s Daddy?

Shut up! Get out of here, Mr. Man, we don’t want you around! We don’t need you! has got us covered. (Is all women?)

Ah, well–is there any sacrifice too great to make for Higher Education?

Thousands of ’em, I’d say.

3 comments on “Barf Alert: ‘The Music Academy’

  1. When I first got married we didn’t have a decent car for decades so we could afford to give our daughter better opportunities (like a Christian school education). New cars are nice but so expensive. Years later because of faithfulness to God’s law we all now have nice cars.

    1. I specialize in acquiring automotive hand-me-downs. Alas, I am now out of people who will hand them down to me. So I’d better take good care of the car I’ve got.

  2. I drive cars whose insured value is affected by how much gas is in the tank. 🙂 I can afford better, but I don’t want to spend that much on a depreciating asset. I hope to buy one more new car, when I retire and am no longer commuting.

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