Impeach… Me?

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The Kook’ll get you if you don’t watch out!

Uh-oh. It’s looking bad for me.

Everybody who reads this blog knows I voted for President Trump and support his re-election. It’s on record–nothing I can do about it. No one will believe me if I say, “Wait, hold on, I see the light! Hey! Evo Morales has been kicked out of his job as socialist dictator of Bolivia–he can be our president!” Too late for that.

But the decisive horrible promble is… today I got a couple of views from Ukraine. That is to say, I have been in contact, never mind how fleetingly, with certain persons in Ukraine. And you’re not allowed to do that unless you’re a Biden abidin’ with the gas company.

The word has already come down from the House of Ninnies: I must be impeached. The fact that I’m not president of anything is immaterial. They can always make me president of something and then kick me out. Oh, the shame of it.


4 comments on “Impeach… Me?

  1. One of your funniest, Lee! … except that (oops) what’s happening to our republic isn’t funny at all.

  2. Be afraid, Lee, be very afraid. They are coming for your Twitter account, your FaceBook page, your WordPress blog, and even for your youth fiction books. How dare you say there are not more than two sexes. How dare you attack the saintly Teachers’ Unions. There is a big ball coming your way and it is a deep black: that is if the Dems get back in power instead of Trump 🙂

    1. I only say those things because they’re true.
      Like a wise Christian woman once said on the radio: when things get really bad, sing louder.

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