Byron’s Hiding

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Pssst! (Whispers) Byron here–hiding from Lee because I talked him into laying off the nooze today and his views went down. Like it’s my fault! The one time he actually listens to me, and it doesn’t work!

Meanwhile, I’m still collecting birthdays so we can give birthday greetings to our readers when their big day comes up. So far we’ve only got a dozen, including a couple that we just missed by a few days. Don’t be shy!

Well, time for me to be heading home. The family’s playing Clue tonight, and it’s my turn to be Professor Plum.       See the source image


6 comments on “Byron’s Hiding

  1. What does an upstanding Australian Quokka care about the amateur attempt to impeach a U.S. President? Byron has much better things to do, like figure out the best strategy so Professor Plum can win the Clue game.

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