More Baby Goats

Are there any animals cuter or friskier than baby goats? No, not alligators.

Note how they try to butt dogs or people or each other well before they’ve grown any horns. One of these little warriors is just a tad bigger than a hamster.

Some of you out there must have had goats. Do they stay playful after they’re full-grown? Inquiring minds want to know.

5 comments on “More Baby Goats

  1. My son has a herd of 16 goats, all ages, and no the playfulness turns into
    just fighting over first place at the feed troughs and hay. They are more hateful than playful as they age. Still cute, but rather obnoxious at times.

  2. That tiny little white and black one was sure full of the dickens.

    I’ve never had goats, myself. They are a somewhat common pet in these parts and I’ve interacted with a few over the years. They tend to be cantankerous, but not truly mean. I’ve seen them all but wriggle out of their skin from the pleasure of being given even a bit of attention, but I’ve also seen them try to butt their owners when they didn’t get their way. They are quite different from any other domestic critter I’ve ever seen.

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