Mr. Nature: The Last Cricket

It’s almost Thanksgiving, we’ve already had some bitter cold weather, with a few snow flurries–and the other night, outside, Patty heard the last cricket of the summer chirping away. Calling to whom, we can’t imagine.

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–and the first time I tried to get this video on youtube, I just got all this Indian and Pakistani cricket news. No, no–not that cricket!

I love to listen to the crickets. I used to buy them as food for my turtle, but had to give that up real fast because I got kind of attached to the crickets. What did they ask of me? Water, wheat germ, a little place to hide. It was something to come downstairs on New Years morning to the sound of crickets merrily chirping away, and all that snow and ice outside.

A healthy cricket can live for a year or so, but not outdoors. Unless they can get inside a house, they won’t make it through the winter.

And I’m here to tell you they’ll go right on laying eggs until the end. No fear of running out of crickets!

7 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Last Cricket

  1. Crickets are one of my favorite insects. They’re cute, they don’t bite and/or inject venom…or suck blood. Oh well, mosquitoes…the bats have to have something to eat!

    1. I really enjoyed my little year-round cricket colony. Nice little critters.
      Only problem is, once they get comfy, they mate and lay a lot of eggs. Next think you know, you’ve got hundreds of tiny crickets.

  2. We used to feed crickets to our Bearded Dragon. I love listening to them outside in the summer, but never got attached to the feeders we kept. They are surprisingly stinky and had a habit of escaping. Finding random crickets in the house is not as nice as one might expect. 🙂

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