Germany’s New Storm Troopers

Climate Scientists Reduced to Hiding from Climate Thuggery in Germany

It’s just their way of Saving The Planet.

James Taylor, a climate scientist with the Heartland Institute, wrote this column from an undisclosed location. It has to be undisclosed because of threats of violence (

Some 200 scientists from around the world plan to hold a conference somewhere in Germany at which they will discuss the lies, exaggerations, and errors of the Climate Change jihad. They’ve had to change their location because of threats made by the German equivalent of Antifa–fascists who say they’re “anti-fascist”–against not only the persons of the scientists, but also against hotel employees and anyone else they decide needs a beat-down.

The German government has refused to provide police protection to the conference.

Does this sound, well, vaguely familiar? Masked thugs roaming the streets of a German city, all but sanctioned by the government, looking to terrorize and attack persons with whom they have a political disagreement–yes, we do seem to be back in the Thirties, with Adolf Hitler in charge of the government and Nazi storm troopers backing him up with unrestrained violence.

That’s how “science” gets settled, these days. Nothing new under the sun.

Is this the kind of world we want to pass on to the next generation?

When you’re short on facts and long on passion, your best tool of argument is a truncheon.

Take a good hard look at this, everybody. Now you can’t debate a scientific question without having your head smashed in.

It’s the birth pangs of a global government.

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  1. They are going for argumentum ad populum again. Truth? don’t need no stinkin’ truth. If we say it is true, then that settles it.

  2. “When you’re short on facts and long on passion, your best tool of argument is a truncheon.” I love that sentence. Can I please use it/paraphrase it in my novel?

  3. The Jews had the Romans crucify Jesus because He told the truth that He was the promised Messiah. St. Paul said all those who live righteously will be persecuted. That’s what made America an exceptional country, you were protected to proclaim what you believed to be truth.

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