The Monster is Coming for Me

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It has taken me ten years to develop my nearly undetectable abilities with Windows 7. But now Microsoft, just because they can, is stopping all support for Windows 7. So if you keep it, you’ll get no updates, etc., and pretty soon you’ll be out of the saga.

Therefore we, like so many others, will be forced against our will to convert to Windows 10 (or to something even more exotic). You remember Windows 10–the system that they couldn’t even give away for free. I am sure that means it’s a truly wretched product. Can you imagine a car manufacturer getting away with this?

If this blog disappears early next year, it will be because Windows 10 has crashed through my door and eaten me alive. Oh, Patty says “Don’t worry, you’ll learn”–uh-huh: only do I really have another 20 years to devote to that? Alice says, “You’ll get used to it.” She ought to know me better than that. That’d be great if they turned out to be right and my fears proved mostly unjustified. [Laughs maniacally]

Well, let’s all enjoy it while we’ve got it. Maybe Byron the Quokka can learn Windows 10. Maybe I won’t go extinct. Here’s hoping.


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  1. Actually, I like Windows 10 a lot. It’s different from Windows 7, but it has some very nice features and a thoroughly integrated security system. The only thing I really really dislike is that the old solitaire and free cell games are gone, and I have to use the new gussied-up app from Microsoft Store, which is free but full of annoying animated graphics and intermittent ads that you can’t send away unless you pay for a subscription. Feh.
    But other than that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like Windows 10.

    I’m a big fan of aftermarket books, which I tend to read from cover to cover before I start using a program, and I found “Windows 10: The Missing Manual” to be a great intro to all the bells and whistles of the program — although it warns that the frequent automatic updates to Windows 10 tend to make parts of any manual obsolete every 6 months. 🙂 But if you don’t care about bells and whistles (maybe just finger cymbals and kazoos?), try one of the “For Dummies” books first.

  2. We have Windows 10 on this computer and it has annoyed me no end, since I had a little apple mac that I really loved, and when it died a sudden death, this thing came along. Everything seems so awkward now, and of course, it could very well be just me, but …oh well. Have to just deal with it.

  3. I’m no fan of 10 myself. I’ve been using it daily for over a year and find that it’s far less convenient than 7. What seems to work best is to press the Windows key, or click the little Window icon at the lower left, and type the first few letters of whatever it is you are looking for.

    1. If you want to find a program in Windows 10, click the little Window icon at the lower left of the screen and type the first few letter of the program you want to access. That’s how I find my way around.

    2. In other words, something completely new that I never had to do before. [Pause to scream] Why can’t they just bloody well leave their product alone??????????

    3. I agree completely. As far as features and user interface are concerned, I’d be thrilled with Windows XP. However, if you want maximum frustration, there are few more cussed things to work on than some of the firewalls I manage. I’m pretty certain that they were designed by Rodney. 🙂

    4. This new search feature is actually one of the things I especially like about Windows 10. I haven’t used it very much, but a few times it’s saved me what would have been endless frustrating slogs through the old File Finder or online Bing searches under earlier Windows versions.

  4. It’s been awhile since I’ve used Windows 7, but Windows 10 is not so so different. There are some new things, but the basic mechanics are still the same.

  5. No more updates sounds really good right now! I’m so sick of Microsoft’s constant stream of Windows and Office updates. Otherwise Windows 10 isn’t bad. BUT the updates require a LOT ofspace/memory, so make sure you have enough before you start. We bought my youngest daughter a small, inexpensive laptop for school a couple years ago that turned out to be worthless because it couldn’t handle them. Had to get rid of it and buy her something more powerful.

    1. Oh, joy. That’s just exactly the kind of thing I’d forget no matter how badly I wanted to remember it.
      I do hope I don’t go extinct.

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