Cats Who Won’t Share

We have two cats. So when we feed them, it’s two plates with the same kind and amount of food on each plate. And if you think that works, I’ve got a used Kellogg-Briand Pact I can sell you, cheap.

Shake your head and sigh for the disgraceful behavior of the cats and kittens in this video. By the way, I don’t approve of stupid humans bugging cats as they eat. Some people will do anything to be on Youtube.

11 comments on “Cats Who Won’t Share

  1. Boy, I see this action every day. One calico is really mean and will not allow any of the other cats to eat until it is finished, even with two or three dishes, they are still afraid to challenge the ruffian.

  2. Ours would end up rotating plates, each convinced the other cats MUST have something better. Now the feeding dynamic has totally changed since we have only one cat on adult food, and two on kitten food. Trying to feed them separately isn’t so easy! And one of the kittens refuses to try wet food at all, which is really odd. What do you do with a picky eater?

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