What Are We Getting Out of This?

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I cover culture rot, which seems to be in inexhaustible supply. Poor America: we’re drowning in it. The colleges, the schools, Hollywood, the publishing industry, and a vast multitude of politicians–they’re pouring it on, day in, day out, with no time off for good behavior. Or even bad behavior.

It’s for our own good, they say. It’s “justice”–social justice, racial justice, economic justice, this kind of justice and that kind of justice. We’ll thank them for it someday.

But I don’t understand what we’re supposed to be getting out of it.

Where is the benefit, to the American people, in turning girls into fake boys and boys into fake girls? In trashing our country’s history, and trying to convince us it’s a hell-hole of oppression? In blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in anybody’s life? In convincing children, and adults who might as well be children, that thanks to capitalism, the world is gonna end in just 12 years? In herding everybody under 30 into grossly overfunded colleges and universities to get degrees in Stupid Studies, mountains of debt, and no meaningful employment prospects? But it would take all day just to list these inanities.

We are yelled at, we are protested at, we are denounced as “haters” and mocked as unsophisticated boors–and why are we expected to lap it up and beg for more? Where is our profit in it?

Worse, we pay for it. With our taxes, our tuition money, and our freedoms. We are expected to pay for it, and like it. And no matter how much of our money–that we worked for–that they get, they still despise us. They live off us, but don’t respect us.

Really, why do we put up with it?


6 comments on “What Are We Getting Out of This?

  1. You ask, “Really, why do we put up with it?” Alas, the answer is that we have very little choice. Or voice, come to think of it.

  2. It sounded like you were describing the pagan Roman Empire. Christians today think we can dwell peaceably with the enemy but they are wrong. They are coming for us believers – wake up! Remember the verse that says, “They will say peace, peace, when there is no peace.”

  3. I think that’s the point, really. If all this madness is driven by Satan, we’re not supposed to get anything out of it. The system is designed to corrupt us, break us, defeat us until we just go along. When we fight back it feels like we’re yelling into a hurricane, our voices lost in the roar of the storm and swept away on the wind. But you can be sure God hears every word. He calls us to keep fighting anyway, for Him, ourselves, and each other. He makes no promises it will be an easy fight.

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