A Blast from the Past

Sorry! But I couldn’t resist this blast from the past (lots of blasts, actually)–former National League first baseman Chuck Connors as The Rifleman, a classic TV Western from way back when. I wonder what would happen if you showed this on a college campus today.

Two questions for trivia buffs:

How many shots does the rifleman get off in just this brief intro?

And what was Chuck Connors’ real name?

(P.S.–His lifetime batting average was only .238, so quitting his day job wasn’t a problem for him.)

11 comments on “A Blast from the Past

  1. I loved watching this when I was a kid. I was a tomboy so I loved all sorts of rough-and-ready. Have Gun Will Travel was another western I liked. I especially enjoyed sort of western that showcased lots of native Americans. Loved anything “Injun.” And army shows were another hit for me. Dad and I watched movies, documentaries, and so on. Loved Combat and got a kick out of Hogan’s Heroes.

  2. The video was unavailable to me (maybe because i just arrived home from three days at my daughter’s for Thanksgiving). Chuck’s given name was Kevin, and he is among only 13 who have played in professional baseball and basketball. I watched all the TV western shows with my dad who loved them. Besides “The Rifleman,” I remember Connors as Burn Sanderson in the tearjerker “Old Yeller.”

    1. Aunt Gertie took me to see “Old Yeller” and it totally freaked me out. You couldn’t get Patty to see that movie if you pointed a gun at her.

      Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors–a great TV star, not so great major league first baseman.

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