A Victory for the Good Guys

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Harmless-looking, isn’t it? But hopefully we have learned by now that nothing offered us by Planned Parenthood is harmless.

Sane and decent people prevailed over sexual anarchists and weirdos this month in Worcester, Massachusetts, persuading the local school board to vote down another Planned Parenthood “sex education initiative” in the classrooms (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/26/sex-ed-showdown-parents-defeat-planned-parenthood-in-blue-massachusetts/).

The proposed curriculum was called “Making Proud Choices.” Like this is stuff to be proud of. I prefer not to repeat the details, but the gist of it is that “sexual abstinence” means every imaginable sexual activity and technique except normal intercourse.

I’m pretty sure that if anybody had ever tried to introduce anything like that “initiative” into our local public school when I was ten years old, that person would be lucky to get out of town alive.

Lots and lots of parents showed up at the public meeting to object to the scheme, and the school board voted it down.

Better would be for all the parents to pull their kids out of the public schools altogether and give them a Christian education. But not having “Making Proud Choices” kicking around is of course better than having it.

We are thankful to the Massachusetts Family Institute for leading the effort to block this wickedness.

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  1. Wonderful. It is so good to hear that sanity wins over its opposite at least part of the time. I hope this attitude starts growing like healthy seed.

  2. It astounds me that so many people have come to see sexual activity of one sort or another as an absolute, immediate necessity, instead of waiting until they are mature enough for marriage and choosing a life time partner.

    1. What Planned Parenthood sees as necessary is the quickest possible sexualization of our children. Remember this simple formula: more sexual activity among children=more abortions=more money for Planned Parenthood.

    2. It occurred to me, some years ago, that only in the last 50 years or so, has birth control been effective enough to allow people to mentally disassociate sexual activity from reproduction.

      The ramifications are huge. No longer is there any necessity for emotional attachment in the minds of many people and there is no moral significance in the minds of most people. All meaning has been removed from something that had been significant throughout most of history.

      I read the biography of Frank Abignale, the man portrayed in the movie Catch Me If You Can. In his teens, he embarked on a crime spree, writing bad checks, impersonating airline pilots, and even a doctor. He actually passed the Bar in Louisiana.

      Much of this crime spree was about sex. By pretending to be prosperous and to live an exciting life, he attracted a lot of attention from women and exploited them sexually. In his autobiography, he mentioned how unsatisfying this was in the long run. After years on the run, he was tired and wasn’t getting much enjoyment from his ill gotten gains. Living a life of total sexual freedom did not bring him happiness.

      Now, take a Gina step back and apply this to the world at large. For the last 50 years or so, sex has been meaningless for many people. They aren’t going to be satisfied by a meaningless activity. Unfortunately, many of them just seek new adventures and never pause to contemplate just how meaningless their lives and especially their sex lives, are. I’m certain that this immorality is foundational to many of today’s social problems.

    3. Thanks to the time difference, you always post your best comments just as I’m about to go to bed.
      But there’s nothing for me to add here. You’ve hit the bullseye.

    4. You Jersey guys are in bed during the shank of our evenings. 🙂

      More accurately; I’ve been working incredibly long hours over the last few weeks and sometimes I get around to posting late in the day.

      Some years ago, it occurred to me that God created us and set our rate of fertility to His liking. I’m not against birth control, per se; I think that the size of people’s families is a matter which each individual needs to decide according to their circumstances. But the capability ro enact these choices has changed how people think about sex, and that’s bad.

      Once we acknowledge that sexual activity is inextricably linked to reproduction, the sacredness of the act becomes obvious. When two people procreate a child, something of lasting significance has happened. It is the most significant thing most people will ever be a part of. If we, as a civilization, lose track of this significance … well, we can see the results all around us.

    5. The Bible is unambiguous with regard to sexual morality. We are expected to live in accordance with scripture and to flee from fornication. Flee! It’s not just a matter of avoiding it, or giving into it and then asking forgiveness. The rest 1 Cor 6:18 makes it clear that we sin against our own body when we fornicate. It’s that serious. This isn’t God imposing a rule on us; this is God clueing us into a serious matter and helping us to avoid long-lasting problems.

      Now, compound that by billions and we have the scenario of our times. There are untold numbers of people that have sinned against themselves. The results are disease (including the rapid spread of HPV, which can cause cancer) and social problems. Sexual addiction has become a real problem, IMO, because some people become addicted to the excitement of promiscuity and find that they are unable to settle into a monogamous life. Likewise for pornography addiction, in which people become dependent upon pornography and are unable to function in a normal relationship because of the ever-present variety of Internet pornography. Our immoral times have unleashed a tsunami of problems.

      I’ve heard people opine that all bets are off and opine that God can’t possibly expect us to live by the moral standards of the Bible under the present circumstances, but this is dead wrong. Even in this sea of immorality, this “boiling chaos”, fornication is still a sin against oneself. We can’t change reality.

  3. I am proud to say that I was Mass. Family Institute’s Director of Public Policy for 10 years. A great Christian organization! We fought many such issues.
    We were in the lead for opposition to same-sex “marriage” and were on track to win an intitiative petition to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman in state law, until the state “Supreme Judicial Court” pre-empted our victory in 2004. The Goodrich Decision declared that prohibiting same sex couples from getting married was unconstitutional! (The Chief Justice of that atrocity was Margaret Marshall from South Africa, appointed by then Gov. William Weld). That started a chain reaction of other states following suit (as we knew they would). Then the US Supreme Court did the same thing, overturning dozens of state laws and constitutional amendments that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman.
    Thanks to President Trump’s judicial appointments, there is hope that that abomination will be soon reversed.

    1. It’s been a long time since any Supreme Court decision has been overturned. Let’s pray–and work!–for this to happen soon.

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