Another Awards Show Crashes

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100% pure crapola

Not that there was ever much reason to watch awards shows in the first place; but since they’ve formed the habit of haranguing the audience with Far Left Crazy booshwa, they’ve all seen their ratings take a nosedive.

The latest prat fall belongs to the American Music Awards this month, which posted record low viewership among their favorite demographic, 18 to 49-year-olds ( Like, if they don’t get this audience, they don’t get nothin’.

But gee, what’s not to like? Male dancers in lace dresses. The end o’ the world, caused by Global Warming–“No music on a dead planet!” ran the hysterical warning. Hot and cold-running gender fluidity everywhere you look. Do you really, truly mean to tell me that ordrinary dum peeple are not grateful to music celebrities for being woke and hitting them over the head with the blunt instrument of their Social Justice message?

Honk if you know how to make it stop.

Well, not tuning in at all, or just turning off the TV once they start in with the woke stuff–yeah, that’s part of making it stop. What if they gave an awards show and nobody came? Nobody.

But when did you ever hear a Democrat concede failure when only 20 or 30 people, most of them noozies, show up at one of his or her rallies? It never stopped Hillary, did it?

Nevertheless, tuning out or turning off is good for us, individually, and also cuts down on pollution of the airwaves.

Fun fact: Houseplants exposed to awards shows shrivel up and die.

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  1. I feel sorry for those leftard-infected under 21 year old victims who don’t even know they are victims, or how they got to be that way. There was no massive adult response to the vile indoctrination in public schools that drove most of them out of the real world. There was no massive adult protest against the media that lied to them without ceasing and forced them to pick a side if they wanted relief. And then we let them become soldiers at the young age of 16 or 18, against God’s mandate of 20 years. So, I feel guilty, and terribly sad, at what’s happened to this age group while we weren’t paying attention to them. And frightened at how it’s coming back to bite us. Honk.

    1. Once upon a time we did pay attention, and we were a better country for it. I remember very well how my parents and the rest of the community laid down the law to our local school board and stopped them, cold, from imposing “sex education” on other people’s children.

      But that was before the state and federal governments totally disenfranchised the public: the only thing public about “public education” is who pays for it.

      See the post I just wrote! Some encouraging news, for a chance.

    2. I remember “once upon a time.” I was there. I acted, protested, spoke out, as a parent, as a student, as a neighbor, because there were others doing the same thing. But when the federal govt banged their global gavels upon our heads, we forgot that change comes about only locally. Like in Massachusetts, “one small step for man…”

  2. I haven’t watched an awards show in many a moon. I think the last one was when Marlon Brando had a Native American woman refuse his Oscar, and I believe in the same show a streaker ran across the stage as Elizabeth Taylor was presenting.

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